I have dual citizenship, how do I sign up?
If you have  dual citizenship and one of those two citizenships is Croatian, you are obliged to sign up as a Croatian citizen

If you have dual citizenship and none of those two is Croatian, you have to sign up using one citizenship and you are not allowed to change it within a year.

All documents need to be sent by registered post to the address: Agencija za znanost i visoko obrazovanje, Središnji prijavni ured, Donje Svetice 38, 10000 Zagreb.
The list of documents can be seen on www.studij.hr in the Category All about applications/I have finished my secondary education abroad/Documents.

What is the deadline for delivering documents required for application process?
Documents need to be sent in accordance with the deadlines for sending to each enrollment period. Deadlines for sending documents are available in the menu Calendar on the website www.studij.hr.

Should the documents be translated?
All documents that are not in Croatian language must be certified by the court interpreter.
I have already sent documents for the previous deadline for applying, do I have to re-send them?
If you have already sent the documents in any of the previous enrollment deadlines and your personal data and ratings were verified in the system, you are not required to re-submit the documentation.

State Matura exams
Am I obliged to take the state matura exam?
Candidates who have completed their secondary education abroad are not obliged to take the state matura exam in the Republic of Croatia, unless the higher education institution which they want to enroll explicitly set the mandatory threshold in a certain state graduation exam.

You are not obliged to pass the exams when the terms of enrollment have the folowing annotation: „*Prag ne vrijedi za kandidate koji su završili srednju školu prije 2010. godine ili izvan RH„ then the state matura exams is not necessary to take because the indicated thresholds do not apply to candidates who have completed secondary education outside of the Republic of Croatia.

Will you recognize my externally evaluated exam, or do I have to take the croatian state matura exam?
To those candidates who have finished their secondary education with the externally evaluated exam, the results of that exam will be recognized instead of the same state matura exams. 

Will you recognize my externally evaluated mother tongue exam instead of the Croatian language exam of the Croatian state matura?
The candidates who have a citizenship of one of the European Union members may have, depending on the higher education institution's requirements for particular study programs, their mother tongue, which they had passed as part of the final externally evaluated exam, acknowledged instead of the Croatian state matura exam in Croatian language.
Recognition of secondary education qualification
Do I have to go through the process of recognition of my secondary education qualification?
Yes, you do need to go through the process of recognition of your secondary education qualification.

The procedure of recognition of foreign secondary education qualification on finished secondary education which is part of general, grammar school or art school study programs with the purpose of continuance of education is run by the Education and Teacher Training Agency.
The procedure of recognition of foreign secondary education qualification on finished secondary education which is part of vocational programs run by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education

Croatian language exam on B2 level
Do I have to take the B2 level of Croatian language exam?
Depending on the requirements by a higher education institution for particular study programs, the candidates who do not have a Croatian citizenship may be obliged to pass the Croatian language exam on B2 level, which is visible in published requirements for the study programs.
The exam will be taken in July 2015, and the exact date will be written under the option Moj raspored ('My schedule').